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If you have thought about coming to church before but you are not quite sure, here is what a Sunday morning looks like at The People's Church.


What should I wear?
- The easy answer is, whatever you want! Some like to dress up for church, others come in their everyday attire. Come in whatever you feel comfortable!


What about my kids?
- Are they loud? Good, we love life in the church!
- Are they nervous or shy? We have an amazing team of children's workers eager to meet your kids.
- Do you have a baby? We have a small area at the back where parents can stretch out a bit more with their little ones!


Will I have to do anything I do not want to?
NO, we will not make you do anything. You can sit through the service, or stand during the music if you like.


What will you talk about?
Why don't you take a listen to our weekly message online before coming? www.kiplingchurch.com/podcasts.