Dear child,

You do too much. Run your errands later and rest. Let me take care of your finances and rest. I will show you how to raise your children, just rest.

I will grieve with you, now rest. Before arguing, just rest.

Come to me and rest.

Ezekiel 20:12 says, “And I gave them my Sabbath days of rest as a sign between them and me. It was to remind them that I am the Lord, who had set them apart to be holy.”

God Gave.

God gave you rest. He does not withhold from you the beautiful gift of rest, but he gave it to you. A gift that he knows you need. Not just a gift that you might want.

It was to remind us.

It was to remind us that he is Lord. God is Lord over our lives. Not only can he take care of us. But it is the only way we should be living.

We are set apart to be holy.

Set apart means to be different. Do you look different from the world? The first step to being different is to rest.

So I encourage you... strongly... to rest.

You're saying – how?

You have to accept it.

Rest is a gift you have to receive. If you think that rest is just a basic human right it actually isn't. God did not have to give us rest, but he did. So it is always from Him. Clear your schedule and invite him into it.

You're saying – when?

Today. Tomorrow. Every day.

Every day there is something that causes us to be stressed, distracted, annoyed, hurt, anxious, upset, angry, ... the list of emotions goes on. I try to live by this phrase – 'Emotions lead me to Jesus'. Whenever you experience an emotion sit down to rest, even for a minute, and ask God where it came from and what he wants to do with it. 100% of the time he reveals where it came from, how to change it if it's unhealthy, and how to continue your day in a holy lifestyle.

You're saying – where?


You're saying – why?

I'm not sure I need to say this part. But if you aren't resting then you aren't taking intentional time to talk to God. And if you aren't talking to God about everything in your life then you aren't going to look any different than your neighbour who doesn't know Jesus.

Dear child,

You do too much. I gave you a gift to remind you that I am Lord of your life and to make you holy. Receive my gift – anytime, anywhere.