Is Heaven and Hell for Real!?

Is Heaven and Hell for Real!?

That, to me, is a really good question! Are heaven and hell real places?

Some of us say, yes, we believe there is a heaven and a hell. And some say, no, I don't believe

in either one.

I am very concerned, though! My reason for writing this article isn't to convince you or guilt you or scare

you into believing that they do or don't exist.

What I fear, and is the reason why I am writing this, is that we are reaching conclusions without giving it

enough thought, either for or against their existence. And you and I are way too important to not think it

through thoroughly....Because long time!!

YOU need to find out without a shadow of a doubt for yourself if it is or it isn't real ... I mean really look into


All of us .....regardless of our faiths, beliefs or the lack thereof need to know... that we know... that we

know.. what happens to us when we die.

Don't just say ya I'm a good person so I think I'm going to heaven....or I've been a bad person, I'm

probably going to hell....It'll be fun... All my friends will be there....Or I've heard people say, I just can't

believe there is a God or a place called hell. These are all interesting things to say. But they don't

hold up in our reaching a conclusion on heaven and hell's existence or not. Unless of course you have

thoroughly searched and have determined there is no God, that hell does exist but it's a nice place, or

that heaven does exist and all good people get to go there.

We probably spend more time, hours, money, research, thought and discussion in finding the best

deals on vehicles, houses, clothes, restaurants, service providers, toys, vegetables, tires and.... the

list just goes on and on.

You are a valuable, very important person. You deserve to take care of your eternity. Don't shrug off

or put off finding the answer to the question – Is heaven and hell for real?

To give you a jump start to please, please, please search this out, I have 3 clips below of people

describing their experiences with heaven and hell.

1. In Imperial, Nebraska, Colton Burpo, while undergoing emergency surgery from a ruptured

appendix went to heaven. Here is the link to his story.

2. A story so incredible that a movie was made of it which I found on Netflix, Heaven is For Real.

Here's the trailer for it:

3. And there's Ian McCormack, a self proclaimed atheist, who dies after being bitten by 5 Box

Jellyfish. Here's his story:

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you make time to watch the 3 videos. I tried to pick short


It is my hope and prayer that you will look into this if you haven't already and that you will

know...without a shadow of a doubt...if Heaven and Hell are For Real.