Communion and the Even Further

We began January 2016 with an encouragement that this was a year of Hope and that it was to be a year of being catapulted into knowing and experiencing God’s goodness like never before.

Many of us followed through our own versions of Wild Winter and the Spring of Suddenly’s. Together, we experienced the sweet Summer of Softening. The Fall of Further came with a reminder

that God had not forgotten His promise to catapult us further into His love, further into His grace, further into opportunity. We were inspired to begin to declare God’s truths regardless of circumstances, being confident that we are powerful in Christ and what we believe and declare changes our world!

In the beginning of December, during a staff prayer meeting, the Lord asked us to bravely pray for the ‘even further’ this last month of the 2016. To pray believing for bold, miraculous evidences of God’s presence with us!…and so we did!!

This is our prayer for each one of you, that each one of you will witness and experience bold, miraculous evidences of God’s loving presence with you!

In our December of Even Further, the Holy Spirit, through one of our leaders, encouraged us in receiving the blessing of communion…this is part of us going even further.

Communion is a powerful form of declaration! Eating the bread declares that Jesus’ health and divine life flows in our otherwise weak and mortal bodies. Drinking from the cup, declares that we are completely,fully and forever forgiven and made as right with God as Jesus is! Wow!! What a world-changing declaration!

Communion helps us personalize the love of God towards us. Communion declares the manifold wisdom of God to the heavenly realms. Communion pulls Heaven down inviting it to invade our earthly circumstances!

There is a powerful way to take communion, in which it becomes a catapulting event in our lives!!

When we take the bread, we declare that Jesus has accepted every sickness and disease upon His own healthy, perfect body on our behalf. He took the curse of sickness upon Himself, so that we can walk in the blessing of health and wholeness!!

When we take the cup, we declare that Jesus accepted all our sin (past, present and future) onto His own sinless self on our behalf. In so doing, He took the curse of separation upon Himself, so that we can walk in the fullness of relationship with God.

My dear friends, sharing in communion is unquestionably a powerful way in which we can participate in the open heaven Jesus Himself has opened over us. It is an unexplainable, yet undeniable action of radical obedience that invites the miraculous to become commonplace in our lives.

Heavenly Father, take us even further this December. May we each witness and experience bold, miraculous evidences of Your Presence with us! May we see Your Glory (Your Goodness) so we can fall more in love with You and then share Your love with others and express to others how good You are! In Jesus’ name. Amen.