Temple of God

December 3, 2016

In the past few days I have been constantly pursued by the thought of being the temple of Holy Spirit and what exactly it means and how exciting it is. Now it has been a long while since the temple of God has been a large building, adorned with gold, silver and many other precious things, where people come to offer sacrifices and worship. Now the responsibility of the temple has been given to us as followers of Christ for we as the church, the body of Christ have become the temple, also individually we are each the dwelling place of Holy Spirit. Now the great presence, the holy of holies, once kept behind a very thick curtain away from most everyone has not only been opened to us but placed inside of us. This is a wonderful gift and also a great, but still wonderful, responsibility.


This is amazing! Not only has God chosen to dwell around us but he has chosen to live inside of us. Solomon said after building the temple "But will God really live on earth among people? Why, even the highest heavens cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!" 2 Chronicles 6:18. So we should stand amazed every day that an infinite God, one in whom time and eternity fit, has come to dwell in our human frames. What a crazy mystery, have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror or looked down at yourself and asked "How are you in here God?" It's baffling and wonderful all at the same time.


Now the temple of God in the time of Solomon was built as a place for God to dwell among men as well as a place for the fullness of his glory to be. It is much the same today, we are now made fit to have his glory in us and his glory is over whelming. After the dedication of the temple by Solomon the glory of God filled it, fire flashed down and consumed the sacrifices and the glory of God was so potent that none of the priests were able to stay in the temple, no one was able to be inside. I feel like many days go by where I forget that this same glory is available inside of me, I have realized that a huge part of what I was made for seems missing most days, that I don't feel overwhelmed by the presence of God. But I want it.


I feel like this is where I find myself, a temple made for God's overwhelming presence but only home to at best a fading breeze. On occasions I have times where I feel overwhelmed but not to the consistency that something inside me says it should be. And as I have begun to search and ask and look around I begin to see the other shrines I've built in my heart, some that are silly and I can easily remove but some that seem to have grown roots into my heart and I don't want to get rid of them. But I realize that he is asking me to remove them so he can come in fullness, it is by no means easy.


The Israelites would have shrines to other gods inside the temple and God refused to be in the same place, even if they had silver trinkets from other temples God would not be there. He demanded full attention to him even when the distraction seemed harmless. It is the same in us, he wants all of our hearts.

So I am convinced that if we want to experience the glory of God in all of its wonderful fullness we need to take a hard look at the temple in us. We need to see, really see what's in there, no more being purposely blind towards things we like, things we enjoy. Time to rededicate our hearts with some thorough cleaning, and he will help don't you worry, he wants it more than we do. He wants to dwell in us in the fullness of his glory more than we could ever crave it.


So take heart, don't be overwhelmed by the things you find in your heart, he knew they were there long before you did. Don't give up because the roots of some shrines are deep, keep pulling away at them, he's there to help. Chances are he will use the time to get to know you more. And as you make more room for him we will fill it with his glory, with his overwhelming presence, with his peace, with his joy. Oh what an amazing feeling it will be to be filled with Holy Spirit and nothing else.


Together let us run abandoned to God with the doors of our temple wide open and boldly declare "we are YOUR temple God, we are YOUR dwelling place, we are YOUR home, and yours alone."


Clean out our cobwebs and our junky shrines Jesus, help us lose our attachment to them. Set everything in place in our hearts, empty us and then fill us with fullness that only you can provide, leave no spaces in us Holy Spirit. We want your glory.

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