God Always Shows Up

There are 7,350,000 results on google when you type in “How to hear God's voice”. “Seven Keys to Hearing God's voice”, “Hearing God's Voice 101”, “4 Things to Do if You Can't Hear God's Voice”, and “4 Keys to Hearing God” are just a few of the top hits. Although there are many different answers, the one thing I wish to remind you of – God Always Shows Up. God will speak and always has.

Moses climbed a mountain to speak to God Samuel slept when God's voice woke him Ezekiel sat by a river when God spoke Habakkuk complained to God when He answered Manoah's wife sat in a field when God showed up

Each person has a unique story. God is creative with how he wants to 'Show Up' and speak with you.

If you haven't read the book “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman I encourage you to do so. In it the author explains that we all feel most loved when spoken to in our top love language. Remember that God created your love language. The way he speaks to you is different than the next person because he wants you to feel most loved in your language.

If your language is 'Touch' maybe God really wants you to just feel his presence. If it is 'Acts of Service' God might take care of things that you desperately need done. When you recognize it happening ask God to speak. If it is 'Words of Affirmation' read Scripture and speak out loud the truths of what God thinks of you. The more you say it the more you hear Him saying it to you. 'Quality Time' is often the one I see in blogs on How to Hear God's Voice. For those of you with this love language maybe you love sitting down in a comfy chair staring out your window at creation listening to God as you spend time with Him.

I am a 'Gifts' person so I started a page in the back of my Bible to write down different gifts God gives me. When I think to ask “God what gift might you have for me right now?” he always Shows Up and speaks to me.

While we each have a top love language each of them is still important. While he wants to speak your love language God speaks them all and desires for you to do them all with Him.

So this week, may I encourage you to ask God to speak to you in your love language. If you do not know it I would not be surprised if he revealed that to you. Turn your question of “How Do I Hear God's Voice?” into the truth that if you ask “God Always Shows Up”. And remember to listen at any moment, because He is always speaking.