Wednesday October 5th we will kick off our 9 week DVD course "Loving our kids on purpose".  This material is for parents, grandparents, teachers, future parents, and anyone who is connected with kids or youth!

The cost of the course is $25/individual or couple and will run for 9 consecutive  Wednesday's untill November 30th!  The nights will run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm!

Join us as we venture to walk in all God has planned for us and our kids!

“I believe that we have children so we can know the experience and power of unconditional love” —Danny Silk

Few relationships require as much from us as the parenting relationship. The greatest challenge for parents is learning to remain powerful in any situation. This skill lowers anxiety and allows parents to stay focused on what must be their chief objective: teaching their children to control themselves, while showing them how much they are loved. Our parenting resources are aimed at helping parents shift from the impossible mission of controlling their children to learning to control themselves no matter what their children decide to do. Our relationship with our Father gives us a perfect example and template for how to lead our children in love, freedom, and power. 

Call, email, or download a registration form here!